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Implant Dentistry Springfield

Get Dental Implants at 417 Smiles

Dental implants are permanent teeth replacements that integrate into the jawbone to provide strong, stable and long-lasting teeth. They both look and feel like natural teeth, and you can get them in Springfield at 417 Smiles, your local dental health experts.

Are Implants Right For you?

Implants provide the most secure and effective replacement for missing teeth currently available. Unlike bridges or dentures, implants look, feel and act like your real teeth. Implants do not require that other teeth suffer or be reshaped to accommodate them. We can replace teeth one at a time, or replace multiple teeth with implants depending on your needs.

Our staff will help you assess whether implants are a good fit for you when you schedule an appointment with us.

Your Hometown Implant Specialists

417 Smiles has been serving individuals and families in Springfield and surrounding areas for more than 40 years. We work with patients of all ages and multi-generational families. Patients choose 417 Smiles for dental care because of our long-standing reputation as one of the best practices in Springfield, featuring the latest technology and the most caring professionals.

If you’re considering implants, our hometown team is the right choice for you. Schedule your consultation today!

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