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I have been in Springfield for most of my adult life. I attended Parkview High School and after graduating I started my dental career in 1967. I began working for Dr. Stephen Young in 1980, and never would have imagined that years would have evolved and that I would now be employed by his daughter and son-in-law. I have watched our patients get married, have children and become grandparents – boy does that make you feel old I am married, we have 1 son and a wonderful daughter-in-law. Recently, I was blessed with a grandson and I am enjoying watching him achieve all of his milestones. I love coming to work, and I enjoy the people I work with and our patients. Since we have combined both teams, it has given me the opportunity to meet more people and gain more experience with new techniques that our office can do for our patients. I really don’t want to retire any time soon, but Dr. Nathan Bauer has told me that if he sees me using white-out on the computer screen it will be time to go.

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