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Our office will no longer refill Premedications prior to dental appointments. If your medical doctor or surgeon wants you to take a premed, they will be responsible for calling in your meds. You can learn more by going to the American Dental Association website.



Our office offers two types of lasers, the Diagnodent and DioDent II. The Diagnodent is a laser used to detect surface decay. Decay between the teeth is detected with x-rays. Since the use of fluoride made enamel so strong, an extremely small hole may not be detected by an explorer. The diagnodent helps detect the small areas so we can fill them before they get too deep.

Starting your children early in their lives with good oral hygiene can help prevent the most common chronic childhood disease in America which is tooth decay. We welcome your child by age 1 or when their first tooth erupts for a “happy visit.”

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