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Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, ImplantWe specialize in working with families of all sizes, including multi-generational families!
Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, ImplantOur hygienists are professionals at teaching children proper dental care techniques
Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, ImplantWe use the latest technologies keep everyone in the family smiling
Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, ImplantMany services available under one roof, including Invisalign, implant dentistry, periodontics, and many more
Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, ImplantOur family has served Springfield for over 30 years, with two generations of family ownership and service

Good dental health is a family affair! That’s why we invite families of all sizes to visit us at 417 Smiles! We believe that when children see their parents and grandparents practicing good dental hygiene, it teaches them the value of a healthy smile. When they see mom and dad come to the dentist for a checkup, they also learn that the dentist is an important part of keeping that smile healthy.

We offer a wide array of services in house to keep your family’s smiles healthy, from adult orthodontia to implant dentistry. This means fewer trips to other dental specialists, and care provided by people you will come to know as part of your extended family. Our gentle hygienists are the best in Springfield and make teaching kids (and mom and dad!) proper dental hygiene part of their job.

Take advantage of our new patient special and schedule your family’s appointments today!

About 417 Smiles

417 Smiles is a family-owned dental practices that takes great pride in providing the best dental care in Springfield. In business for more than 30 years, our expansive new facility and staff of family doctors allow us to handle many dental procedures in our office. We offer the latest in dental treatments, including implant and laser dentistry.

Doctors Nathan, Sara and Stephen Bauer provide gentle and personalized care for every patient. Our family’s goal is to keep your family smiling!

Caring Dentist, Springfield, Dental Work, Implant