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I visited 417 Smiles today for a second opinion. Even when scheduling my appointment over the phone, Cindy was incredibly friendly and upbeat. Dr. Sara was both thorough and kind. She showed me the x-rays of my teeth, explaining what the pictures meant and what I would need. The dental assistant was very sweet, as well. Overall a very positive experience.

– Jennifer Boyd

Terri and Jennifer are excellent hygienists and Dr. Bauer is outstanding too! I have been going to this practice for 3 years and couldn’t be happier! Pain-free and always pleasant!

– Jennifer Boyd

I am extremely happy with the service and friendliness they gave me and my needs. I started having some major teeth/gum pain and did not have dentist I normally used. So a friend requested I try her dentist because they are very caring, friendly and would calm my fears. Well she was absolutely right! I will be going back to 417Smiles from here on out. I cannot help but spread the news of how great they are to my friends and family. From the receptionist all the way up to Dr. Stephen Young the entire practice is A++

– Stacy S.

Simply amazing! I have only been twice now but a huge difference compared to my old dentist. My first visit was to establish care and get a cleaning, i learned things i never knew. Also i had a issue chewing on one side Dr. Sara looked at it and fixed me right there. Turnes out it was just my bite off from a previous filling i got elsewhere. Also Dr. Sara saw my daughter and was amazing with her as well. My most recent visit was to get a root canal and again Dr. Sara was amazing always checking with me to make shure i was doing ok and when it was done she showed me what she did (i love that cause i like to know how things work). The entire staff is wonderful as well. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a better dental experience.

– James K.

I’m a college kid at MSU and I have used them the entire time I was in Springfield. They are the friendliest group of people I have ever met. I have never had a complaint about any of them. They always seem to remember you and exactly what was going on in your life the last time you were in the office.

– Jalynn A.

They are amazingly friendly, whenever I call they do their best to get me in which is usually that week or the same day. Even if I tried I could not find a complaint.

– Brandi S

Great dental experience! The staff is very caring and knowledgeable. I highly recommend 417 Smiles to anyone looking for a dentist.

– Mary A.

Staff is friendly. The highlight is efficiency.
They don’t waste your time. Ample Hygienists or assistants get in promptly & do prep ( X-rays,appts,etc) Dr Young comes in w 100 focus on YOU. Quite adeptly. Not a salesman pushing product. He’ll try small less pricy remedies
He friendly, caring but not a windbag like some DDS, you hear chatting in other room while you look at your watch. Very professional

– Anonymous

This is a fantastic place to take your family or just an individual it to get your teeth cleaned. It’s got amazing hygienist and doctors. I’ve never felt more comfortable getting my teeth cleaned. In college I actually didn’t get my teeth cleaned the entire time because I felt very very uncomfortable with the dentist here in Springfield, coming from a different state . I am very comfortable going here to 417 and I will go to any other dentist. I’m extremely impressed with the customer service, from the receptionist all the way up to every other employee that was working there.

– Jennifer S.

From start to finish . . . coming in the door to going out. The entire staff does their best to help you keep a healthy smile. :)

– Anonymous

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